Planning & Zoning

In 1991 Wright County adopted a zoning ordinance for the unincorporated lands.  Within the ordinance, zoning (building) permits are identified as a requirement.  The permit acknowledges land use compliance.  The permitting requirements are defined in detail in article XIV of the Zoning Ordinance for Unincorporated Areas.  New structures that have bathrooms or other environmental waste are required to secure a Waste Water System permit from Wright County Public Health's Environmental Services.

Wright County also has a Flood Plain Ordinance.  As with the zoning permit process, lands targeted for development are to be reviewed prior to improvement.  Lands that reside in the 100 year flood plain are required to complete the flood plain permitting process.  No zoning districts within the county are excluded from this regulation.

Wright County's Comprehensive Plan was updated in 2012.  The plan is available for your review on this site.