Emergency Financial Services

You can find the current version of the General Assistance Manual here.

If you or someone you have a relationship to is poor or needy and is struggling to meet their financial obligations which may result in homelessness or cause a threat to their health and safety, then application to determine eligibility to access financial assistance can be made. Initial application can be made online, over the phone or by printing off an application and returning it to the Wright County Social Services Office.

 Once an application has been submitted and all information has been clarified and missing information obtained an eligibility decision will be made. In order for an applicant to be eligible to access financial assistance, they must have a completed application on file and be at or below the income and resource guidelines. Once a decision has been reached the applicant will be contacted and given the decision and any reason for a ineligibility. If an applicant has been determined eligible the specified creditor such as their land lord or utility company will be notified. All financial assistance is sent directly to the vendor, cash is not provided to the applicant at any time.

Guiding Principles

The Code of Iowa has established four (4) criteria that Wright County must meet prior to providing financial assistance. They are as follows:

  • Applicants must be Poor or Needy
  • Applicants must meet the Guidelines Income 
  • Applicants must meet the Resources Guidelines
  • Applicants must fully disclose necessary information
 Applicants that do not meet the above requirements will not receive financial assistance. Applicants who falsify information will be denied assistance permanently. If an applicant disagrees with decisions made, they may appeal.