Employee Handbook and Policies

The terms “the Employer” or “the County” are used throughout our handbook to refer to the appropriate elected official, governing body, or agency.

Welcome to Wright County. We appreciate the service of those of you who have been with the County for some time, and we welcome our new employees. It is our desire that you enjoy working with us and do your best to serve the citizens of Wright County.

This handbook was written by Wright County management personnel, including elected officials and appointed administrators, to explain some of the County’s policies, procedures, employment benefits, and other matters concerning your employment with the County. Some of the policies and benefits described in this handbook, such as the group health insurance plan, are covered in greater detail in official policy documents from the insurance carrier. You should refer to those documents for more information. The policies described in this handbook are presented as a matter of information only. The plans, policies, and procedures described here are not conditions of employment. The statements contained in this handbook are subject to change and may be revised from time to time, without prior notice, by County officials.