Civil Process Services

Civil process service does not require pre-payment unless you have previously been notified in writing that future requests require such.

The Civil Department processes papers from the Clerk of Court, private attorneys, citizens and businesses that deal with civil judgments or actions.  These type of documents need to be served upon a person(s) by an officer. They include but are not limited to original notices and petitions, wage garnishment, sheriff sales, protective and restraining orders, involuntary commitment of persons with mental illness and / or substance abuse and other legal processes issued by lawful authority. 


  • Original Notice / Order / Letter / Summons      $30.00        
  • Subpoena     $35.00                                                               

** Plus mileage to the town for each attempt (this rate changes each January 1st)

Jason Schluttenhofer, Sheriff
Jeremy Hogrefe, Chief Deputy
Pat Barz, Office Manager
Brenda Maxheimer, Civil Clerk

Civil paperwork should be emailed to: