Emergency Management

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Iowa code 29C outlines the requirements and design of the county emergency management commission across the state.

County emergency management commissions are composed of a member of the board of supervisors, the sheriff, and the mayor from each city within the county. The commission appoints a coordinator to manage the emergency management agency.

 The Emergency Management Coordinator is responsible for the planning, administration, coordination, training and support for local governments and their departments on behalf of the commission.

 The Board of Supervisors has appointed the Emergency Management Coordinator as the County Homeland Security Director and advisor to the county for all homeland security issues.

 The Wright County Emergency Management Agency assists citizens and local governments Prepare, Respond and Recover from natural and man-made disasters as well as Mitigate conditions that could cause harm.

 The agency works closely with fire, law enforcement and EMS (emergency medical services), public health, hospitals and other government agencies in maintaining the county’s comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan.

Public awareness and safety presentations are available to provide information on disaster preparation and response, incident management, work place safety and many other topics.

The agency administers the CodeRed program for Wright County; a service that provides phone call and text messaging of important emergency information along with severe storm warnings to those who opt-in to the service.