Conference Board


The Wright County Assessor is appointed by the Wright County Conference Board consisting of the members of the Wright County Board of Supervisors, the Mayors of all incorporated cities within Wright County and a member from each school board within the County. The Conference Board approves the assessor's budget and after a public hearing acts on adoption of same. The assessor is limited, by statute, depending upon the value of the jurisdiction, to a levy limitation for their budget.

Conference Board

Assessors are required, by statute, to pass a state examination and complete a Continuing Education Program consisting of 150 hours of formal classroom instruction with 90 hours tested and a passing grade of 70% attained. The latter requirement must be met in order for the assessor to be reappointed to the position every six years.

Members of the Conference Board (Term of elected office)


 Belmond  Frank Beminio
 Clarion   Rodney Heiden
 Dows  Larry Klatt
 Eagle Grove  Sandy McGrath
 Galt  Steve Chambers
 Goldfield  Gabe Fiscus
 Rowan  Lennea L. Groom
 Woolstock  Bruce Rholl


 Belmond-Klemme   Jim Swenson
 Clarion-Goldfield-Dows  Elizabeth Severson
 Eagle Grove  Darren Robinson
 West Hancock  Jennifer Bixel



 District I   Rick Rasmussen 
 District II  Dean Kluss
 District III  Karl Helgevold